Rose McAllister & Father Robin Monk

Hello, my name is Rose McAllister, and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

RandR stands for Robin and Rose. Robin is my father, who passed away in 2015, who also used the same title for his photography website.  My dad had a great passion for photography, and I am fortunate enough to have inherited his passion. This website is my way of keeping his name and passion alive, through me.

Photography, to me, is a way of portraying the beauty we are surrounded with in life, and capturing it to share with others.  My hope is that people will visit my gallery, and be inspired by what they find.

For the past few years, I have enjoyed creating personalized photo calendars for family and friends, using the photos I take throughout the year. Each calendar includes the special dates that are important to each individual, such as loved ones’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The overwhelming positive response and praise I receive from family and friends who receive my calendars have encouraged me to open this calendar making service to you.

Along with calendars, I am also beginning to create greeting cards, specifically holiday cards, with an array of my winter scenes.  All calendars and cards can be customized, or include a standardized greeting.  Any of my photos can be added to any calendar or card, or can be ordered individually, in print or digital form.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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