Canada Day 2017

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Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

What an exciting day. Canada is celebrating 150 years and I am celebrating the launching of my new website  I would like to invite you all to like and share it.

A huge shout out to Wesley Swan, for all the time, effort, and patience you have put into creating this site. Your hard work and patience is so greatly appreciated. I would never have been able to do this myself.

I would like to thank my mom Jenny for allowing me to keep the R and R on my title. For those that don’t know the R and R is for Robin & Rose. Robin being my dad who I miss and hold dear to my heart. My dad used to use the title R&R photography on a website which he used to post photo’s on.
Thank you Dave Parmelee for all the positive support, tips, and advice you have given me it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all of you who have been there every step of the way helping me decide which photos to use and for being such great sounding boards. Shannon McAllister, Dawn Piggott, Annette Opfergelt, Nicole Balla, Joy Johnston, Sahil Joshi, Lovejit Cheema, and Krystal Bunce. If I have forgot to mention anyone I apologize. Also thankyou to all my friends and family for your ongoing support and comments of photos I share online

Sherry Hocken thank you to you and your family for giving me the opportunity to photograph your family. (photos to come later after the shoot)

Above all of this though Dad I wish you were here to see this but I know you are looking down with a smile. Thank you for passing your passion down to me. I love and miss you forever and always

So please everyone come look and tell me what you think. Like and share and pass the word.

Once again Thank you everyone

Rose McAllister