Summer 2018

Hello Everyone

Well its been a while since i have wrote or even updated my website. Shame on me. A lot has happened in a year both good and bad.The end of 2017 ended with a long cold winter and not much excitement. The start of 2018 was sad with the passing of my mom. On an exciting note I upgraded my camera from the Canon Rebel T5i to a Canon 5D Mark iv. Still learning how to use it but thanks to a good friend I have learned a few techiques which hopefully have improved my photos. I have gone from shooting in the trusty auto to Manual. I am also learning raw.

In July of this Year I went to Calgary for a few days and met up with a couple of people who like myself have a passion of photography. The time was short but the people were awesome and I am hoping to meet up again one day.

My favorite part of summer was the Calgary trip . I got to meet great people and was able to get some great photos

Fall is right around the corner already. I want to try and get out and take some photos of the beautiful fall colors

I am going to be adding some new photos to the galleries over the next few days. Hope you all enjoy